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2 µL

Lowest sample volume

7 logs

Dynamic range


Multiplex ability

2-3 hours

Run time with <30 minutes hands-on


Of samples analyzed to date

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The heart of the NanoMosaic platform

Meet Tessie & the Nanoplate

The NanoMosaic System is comprised of two parts: the instrument, Tessie, and the Nanoplate consumables.

Tessie is a fully automated plate reader that accepts the Nanoplates, performs the image acquisition, and uploads the data to our cloud-based image processing platform. It seamlessly performs complex motion and analysis algorithms to ensure reproducible data for every single consumable. After a NanoPlate is prepared with your assay of interest, running Tessie is as simple as placing a consumable in the instrument and pressing a button.

NanoPlates come in 96 and 384 well-format. Setting them up is familiar to most lab technicians - as the workflow is highly comparable to a simple, sandwich ELISA workflow. Plate's size is compatible with SBS-standard lab equipment and will play nicely with existing pipettes, liquid handlers or other techniques your team of technicians has adopted.

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