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NanoMosaic Signs 31K Square Foot Lease and Establishes "Multi-Omics World Headquarters" in Waltham,

BOSTON, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMosaic, the pioneer and leader in nanoneedle (MosaicNeedle™) technology detection for proteomics, genomics, and single-run experiment multi-omics applications has announced that it has signed a lease for a standalone building of 30,880 square feet in Waltham, MA. The company's new "Multi-Omics World Headquarters" is strategically located in an emerging and vibrant biotech hub just outside of Cambridge and Boston that will allow space for the rapidly growing Biology, Application Development, Software, Manufacturing, and commercial Teams. There is significant market demand for the company's Tessie™ system and NanoMosaic is rapidly hiring for, and has listed, open positions for experienced and ambitious life science researchers, as well as for commercial positions, on its website:

"The completion of the company's new headquarters will further enable the company's transition to a fully focused commercial entity as the custom designed and fully outfitted GMP manufacturing suite will bolster the company's business objectives," stated Joe Wilkinson COO of NanoMosaic. "This expansion allows for large scale, vertically integrated manufacturing of the Tessie™ instrument, consumables and reagents. In the current business environment where outsourced and contract supply chain models are fickle, NanoMosaic will continue to develop and deliver novel proteomic solutions at a low cost when others simply cannot." "As we approach the full commercial launch of the Tessie™ system, we are implementing a strategic build out of both company personnel, as well as facilities," stated John Boyce, President, CEO and Co-Founder of NanoMosaic, as well as Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "The company's new headquarters will accommodate the infrastructure needed to fuel the growth of NanoMosaic in the proteomics market and pioneer the true multi-omics market. These endeavors will impact not only near-term research, but also diagnostics and therapeutic development, thus resulting in a significant positive impact on patient care," Boyce concluded.

About NanoMosaic NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the only commercial entity to develop and leverage the power of nanoneedles, MosaicNeedles™, for protein detection and quantification to develop best-in-class assays for biomarker discovery and validation. The NanoMosaic platform, Tessie™, alleviates the bottlenecks in proteomics analysis and provides an end-to-end solution that enables first of its kind protein interrogation and multi-omics analysis within a single chip on one run. The proprietary technology enables rapid, end user customization for assay development for proteomic and/or nucleic acid content. The NanoMosaic platform allows researchers to push the frontiers in biomarker discovery and diagnostics.

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