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NanoMosaic Announces its "Proteomics/Multi-Omics Early Access Program" and its First System Sale to

BOSTON, Feb. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- NanoMosaic Inc., the pioneer and leader in nanoneedle (MosaicNeedle) technology detection for proteomics, genomics, and single-run experiment multi-omics applications, has announced that it has officially opened its "Proteomics/Multi-Omics Early Access Program," to life science researchers and to CLIA certified labs developing diagnostic applications. The Company is making a limited number of systems available for purchase under its Early Access Program to thought leaders conducting groundbreaking research in proteomics and multi-omics.

Under the program, NanoMosaic has announced its first system sale to a prestigious Boston, MA hospital in the Longwood area to a certified CLIA lab that is developing diagnostic applications aimed to positively impact patients' lives. After extensive beta testing, the system is performing robustly and empowering the era of DIY proteomics, enabling end users to functionalize their own chips with capture reagent species such as antibodies, aptamers, nanobodies, and/or species of nucleic acids.

"The Tessie™ platform enables clinical proteomics at a genomics scale."

"The demand for Tessie™ systems is high, given the platform's scientific advantages, robustness, and price point, on both consumables, as well as instrumentation," stated Audrey Warner, Head of Business Development of NanoMosaic, and Vice President of Investments at Tiger Gene L.L.C. "The Company is carefully choosing its Early Access site placements and selecting those labs that will have a significant impact on the field and whose goals are in line with the Company's objectives," Warner concluded. "The first Tessie™ system sale to an impactful Boston hospital is a significant milestone for the Company as it is based on the platform's simplified workflow to seamlessly transition from biomarker discovery and validation to eventual diagnostic use with the appropriate certifications," stated John Boyce, CEO and Co-Founder of NanoMosaic and Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "The Tessie platform enables clinical proteomics at a genomics scale," Boyce concluded.

To learn how to apply for the "Proteomics/Multi-Omics Early Access Program" please visit and click "Apply to Early Access Program".

About NanoMosaic Inc.

NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the only commercial entity to develop and leverage the power of nanoneedles, MosaicNeedles™, for protein detection and quantification to develop best-in-class assays for biomarker discovery and validation. The NanoMosaic platform, Tessie™, alleviates the bottlenecks in proteomics analysis and provides an end-to-end solution that enables first of its kind protein interrogation and multi-omics analysis within a single chip on one run. The proprietary technology enables rapid, end user customization for assay development for proteomic and/or nucleic acid content. The NanoMosaic platform allows researchers to push the frontiers in biomarker discovery and diagnostics.

Contact: Audrey Warner,

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