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NanoMosaic announces collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital to Develop Test for COVID-19

Leading clinicians at MGH will assess the effect of FDA approved treatments and methodologies on the effect of COVID-19 and utilize NanoMosaic's, "Tessera," system for disease prognostics and assess the treatment.

BOSTON, April 6, 2020/PRNewswire/ -- NanoMosaic L.L.C. – the leading company in protein and nucleic acid detection leveraging the power of nanoneedles for ultra-sensitive, wide dynamic range, multiplexed protein detection has announced a collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in order to develop a new method for the prognostics and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Clinicians at MGH will assess the effect of FDA approved treatments and methodologies on the effect of COVID-19 and may utilize NanoMosaic's "Tessera" system to potentially monitor and evaluate the treatment.

Dr. Zhongcong Xie, Henry K. Beecher Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School, and an attending anesthesiologist at MGH stated, "At MGH, clinicians are leveraging existing knowledge and known treatments for the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We will explore the potential methods to track the effectiveness of the treatments by monitoring the COVID-19 specific antibodies of patients before and after administering the treatments; thus, tracking the prognostics of the infection and evaluate the effectiveness of our treatment," Xie concluded.

Dr. Qimin Quan, Chief Scientific Officer at NanoMosaic stated "NanoMosaic's Tessera platform employs the nanoneedle technology and allows sensitive and multiplexed quantification of a panel of COVID-19 specific antibodies." Dr. Quan continued, "An immunity test can provide deep insights for disease prognostics and also enable the monitoring of patient's immunity levels after they have recovered, which is a key issue for vaccination."

"Currently lacking in the field is the capability to quantify very low to high antibody levels. This capability, in addition to the rapid assay design and assay validation on the Tessera system will allow leading clinicians at Massachusetts General Hospital to expediently obtain the tools necessary to assess patients for the effectiveness of treatments," stated John Boyce, President and CEO of NanoMosaic and Co-Founder of Tiger Gene. "Upon development of the test, NanoMosaic will work with the FDA towards a path for approval for widespread deployment to healthcare networks across the country," Boyce continued. "The dual capability of the Tessera platform to determine the effectiveness of treatment and the power to monitor patients' immunity levels will have a profound improvement on both healthcare as well as the economy," Boyce concluded.

About NanoMosaic L.L.C. NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the first of its kind to leverage the power of nanoneedles for protein detection and quantification and to develop best-in-class assays for biomarker discovery and validation on a single chip. The NanoMosaic platform enables new paradigms, including coverage of the largest dynamic range while maintaining high sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and label-free assays. The proprietary technology enables rapid custom assay development with varying levels of concentrations on a single chip to develop novel biomarkers and push the frontier of the diagnostics space.

About Tiger Gene Tiger Gene, a Boston-based venture capital firm, co-founded with and funded by Tiger Management L.L.C., invests in early-stage technologies with high-growth trajectories across the life sciences sector. The fund's current portfolio focuses on technology platforms as well as technology derived products and assets across the genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapeutics spaces.

Media Contact: Joe Wilkinson

SOURCE NanoMosaic

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