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2020 AACR: NanoMosaic Unveils Ultra-sensitive Quantitative Platform

WOBURN, Mass., July 1, 2020 NanoMosaic L.L.C. – Woburn, MA – the leading company in protein and nucleic acid detection leveraging the power of nanoneedles in ultra-sensitive, wide dynamic range, multiplexed protein detection was invited by the organizers of the American Association of Cancer Research to give poster presentations at its prestigious annual meeting. The topics of the poster presentations highlight the power of NanoMosaic's quantitative protein interrogation platform, "Tessie™," to improve both monitoring of adaptive T-cell therapy patient progression and to ascertain novel biomarkers across the proteome for therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

The posters were presented in the "Immune Response to Therapies" session and the "Recent Biomarker Discovery Techniques" session of the meeting and titled, respectively:

"Digital Nanoneedle Biosensors Enable Comprehensive Monitoring of Cytokines Related to Systemic Inflammatory Response to Immunotherapies" and "Digital Nanoneedle Biosensor Technology for Proteome-Wide Biomarker Discovery".

"Monitoring the cytokine response during immunotherapy is technically challenging due to the wide range of biomarker concentrations, small sample volumes, and long assay times. NanoMosaic's Tessie™ system overcomes these challenges and enables quantitation of a flexible panel of cytokines ranging from fg/ml to µg/ml, requiring only 0.1-10 microliters of sample volume," stated Qimin Quan, Chief Scientific Officer of NanoMosaic. "The Tessie™ system utilizes a photonic effect produced through binding events on the nanoneedle sensor," Quan continued.

"With its ability to quantitatively assess the full dynamic range needed for key cytokines, in conjunction with the confidence to provide absolute molecule counts at very low concentrations, the Tessie™ system has the potential to detect early adverse events and improve patient care within oncology," stated John Boyce, President and Chief Executive Officer of NanoMosaic, as well as Co-Founder of Tiger Gene L.L.C.. "Leveraging the high-plex capability, the company is also continuing to explore and foster new partnerships to provide ancillary solutions for its technology to enable quantitative proteome wide associations studies (PWAS) for hypothesis free discovery of novel therapeutic and diagnostic targets," Boyce continued. 

About NanoMosaic L.L.C. NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the first of its kind to leverage the power of nanoneedles for protein detection and quantification and to develop best-in-class assays for biomarker discovery and validation on a single chip. The NanoMosaic platform enables new paradigms, including coverage of the largest dynamic range while maintaining high sensitivity, multiplexing capabilities and label-free assays. The proprietary technology enables rapid custom assay development with varying levels of concentrations on a single chip to develop novel biomarkers and push the frontier of the diagnostics space.

About Tiger Gene L.L.C. Tiger Gene L.L.C., a Boston-based venture capital firm, co-founded with and funded by Tiger Management L.L.C., invests in early-stage technologies with high-growth trajectories across the life sciences sector. The fund's current portfolio focuses on technology platforms as well as technology derived products and assets across the genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, drug discovery and therapeutics spaces.

Media Contact: Joe Wilkinson

SOURCE NanoMosaic

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